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The Communication Technical Advisory Committee


The Communication Technical Advisory Committee (C-TAC) was established in order to manage the overall strategic direction of NUI’s communications. It is an advisory committee tasked to advise and assist NUA through NUI in carrying out its mission by developing and monitoring communication protocols, initiatives, and policies, and implementing a stakeholder engagement and communication strategy for the uranium mining industry in Namibia. This strategy can be described as a roadmap that aligns communications in support of NUI’s vision, goals, values, and priorities, thereby enhancing performance and reputation in a measurable way. It aligns specific groups of stakeholders, internally and externally, to act in support of each of these areas. The overriding objective of the work of the C-TAC is to gain the recognition and respect of stakeholders and the public as an industry that goes about its activities in a safe, environmentally friendly, and responsible manner. Other objectives are to co-ordinate communication by and between the various role players in the uranium industry; to ensure consistent communication and messages to all stakeholders; to develop a base of mutual trust and understanding with core stakeholders and key media personalities; to ensure factually correct information about the uranium industry and the uranium fuel-cycle; to address the many misconceptions about the uranium and nuclear power generation industries; to deal with negative publicity concerning the uranium industry; to highlight the socio-economic benefits of the uranium mining industry for the people of Namibia; and to create a channel of communication that encourages the public to raise any concerns they may have in connection with health, safety and the environment.

The C-TAC currently addresses the upgrade of the NUI Information Centre, as well as the uranium display at the reception of the Ministry of Mines and Energy. The committee also continues to assist with the compilation of fact sheets.

Members of the Communications Technical Advisory Committee

Winnie Mukupuki, Chair (Swakop Uranium)
Jessica Bezuidenhout (Elevate Uranium)
Michael Binneman (Langer Heinrich Uranium)
Christine de Klerk (Orano Mining Namibia)
Daylight Ekandjo (Rössing Uranium Ltd)
Werner Ewald (Bannerman Resources)
Martin Hirsch (Reptile Mineral Resources & Exploration Ltd)
Kaino Ilovu (Rössing Uranium Ltd)
Helena Niimbala (NUI)
Monika Ruppel (NUI)
Dr Gabi Schneider (NUI)
Sugnet Smit (Reptile Mineral Resources & Exploration Ltd)