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Headspring Investments


Headspring Investments, a locally registered operating company, 100% owned by Uranium One, which in turn is 100% owned by ROSATOM.
ROSATOM is the Russian State Corporation for Nuclear Energy, and one of the world’s largest uranium producers with a diverse portfolio of assets worldwide, including in Kazakhstan, Tanzania, Namibia, etc
Uranium One actively develops new business activities in the area of low-carbon energy and renewables, incl. biofuel supplies. As a socially responsible company, Uranium One is committed to the highest environmental standards, the health and safety of its employees, and long-term sustainability of the diverse communities across the globe, in which it operates.

Uranium One, through its Namibian subsidiary, Headspring Investments, started with regional reconnaissance in 2011. Ground and water sampling were done, but in 2013 operations were suspended due to a moratorium on uranium exploration.
When the moratorium was lifted, exploration was resumed in 2018 and in 2019 a large deposit of uranium was discovered. A prefeasibility study has been completed. The project in this area has been dubbed “Project Wings”, due to the shape of the uranium ore body.
Since the operations are in the Leonardville area, Omaheke Region, the envisaged extraction of the uranium will be done through In-Situ Recovery (ISR), as open pit and shaft mining are not practical options. The circumstances for ISR are perfect for ISR, as there is enough water in the Auob3 aquifer and the velocity of the water flow is so slow that the company is confident that a closed loop can be created.
Recently the company received its ECC to establish an on-site laboratory, which will be of tremendous economic benefit to the project.