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Langer Heinrich – The New Energy in the Market


Langer Heinrich Uranium (LHU) is 75% owned by Paladin Energy Australia, with CNNC Overseas Uranium Holding Limited, a subsidiary of China Nuclear Corporation, holding the remaining 25%. LHU operates an open pit uranium mine located within the Namib Naukluft National Park, 90 km east of Walvis Bay in Namibia’s Erongo Region. The surficial, calcrete type deposit currently has a mineral resource of 149 million pounds containing 514 parts per million U3O8, and 5.2 million pounds are produced annually. The ore is treated with an alkaline leach and ion exchange process. Our mining license area is 40 km2, of which less than 10% is currently utilised, making our overall operational footprint less than 4 km2.


Our Vision

To be a High Performance Uranium Business

Our Mission

To produce and Supply Uranium Responsibly

Our Corporate Values

Excellence, Accountability, Recognition, Teamwork, Safety, Integrity

LHU is focused on Sustainable Development and we consider our business in relation to Namibian society and our impact on the environment a critical part of measuring overall performance and ability to operate effectively. Mining and mineral processing can play a central role in sustainable community development and we therefore endeavour to act as a catalyst for positive social and economic change.

Through Health, Safety, Environment and Community Relations Policies we affirm that our business creates shareholder value through working safely and with due regard to the welfare of our employees and the environment; respecting attitudes and expectations of host communities; acting with integrity, honesty and cultural sensitivity; and contributing to the growth and prosperity of Namibia through responsible community development.

We are committed to operate within the relevant national and international legal as well as voluntary requirements. Our occupational Health and Safety Management System is based on the NOSA CMB253N standard, which aligns with OHSAS 18001; our Environmental Management System is ISO-14001:2004 accredited; our Radiation Management System is implemented in accordance with the national Namibian legislation, the International Commission on Radiological Protection and the International Atomic Energy Agency standards; our Social Performance Management System is based on ISO-26000; and our Corporate Social Investments are aligned with national socio-economic development priorities.

During last year, a total of 1163 direct employment opportunities were created (518 LHU and 645 contractor’s employees). Of the 518 LHU employees, 93% were Namibians; 40% were below the age of 30 years; and 19% were female. We remain committed to support the growth of the Namibian Nation through training and development. During last year, a total of N$ 7.3 million was spent on training and skills development, and 109 Namibians from our Apprenticeship Programme; 19 from our Job Attachment Programme; 51 from our Graduate Development Programme; and 5 from our Bursary Scheme benefitted. 280 Namibians from our Employee Education Programme were assisted through accredited correspondence or leadership development programmes.

During last year, LHU’s contribution to government revenue amounted to N$ 108 million; total payment to suppliers was N$ 1.6 billion, of which 94% were spent in Namibia; after-tax payments to employees were N$ 186 million; and N$ 2.5 million were allocated to Corporate Social Responsibility projects in surrounding communities.