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What benefits does the Namibian Uranium Association (NUA) provide?
The problems facing our industry today affect every member, no matter how large or small. Since no individual could possibly solve these problems alone, each industry participant needs an industry trade association for the collective wisdom, bargaining power and networking opportunities that help create a sustainable and successful business. There are many benefits of belonging to the NUA, such as tailor-made education and specialized training applicable to the uranium industry (e.g. training in radiation safety) for your employees; direct assistance with safety, health, environmental, risk and quality related issues; meeting with and learning from your peers; conferences, publications and presentations. Your greatest benefit – networking and association with your peers – will come from your direct personal involvement in NUA activities.


NUA furthermore provides the following benefits:

  • A common voice to government and stakeholders – Government is not able to listen to each and every person that comes to them for support or with concerns, let alone respond to those concerns. A focused group or unified voice can bring common issues to the attention of government and work with government to create viable and applicable solutions for those issues, or to strategically work to move the industry forward. The NUA also provides a focal point for government to collect required information.
  • Access to information – NUA provides information to it’s members in a variety of forms from workshops and conferences, to field days and focus group sessions. Brochures and the website also provide valuable information. Dedicated employees are tasked with providing  help with particular needs on a daily basis. Of course, this information is also available to people outside the industry, like your customers for example.
  • Promotion, branding and visibility – NUA is the face and voice of the uranium industry and as such, spends a great deal of effort in promoting the benefits, strengths and values of the industry. It generates promotional materials, participates in trade exhibitions, provides career guidance, connects with the media and maintains the NUA website. Furthermore, NUA represents the Namibian uranium industry as a member of the World Nuclear Association and through interaction with the Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) at the international level.
  • Collective research – guided by renowned Namibian scientists serving on the NUA’s Scientific Committee, the association also conducts own research, which serves the entire industry by providing information, answers and solutions.

These are a just a few of the benefits that can result from membership of the NUA. There is no doubt that communication, cooperation, and collaboration ensures that members reap the benefits of belonging to the NUA.