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The Scientific Committee of the Namibian Uranium Association.


The Scientific Committee of the Namibian Uranium Association comprises of members who are distinguished scientific professionals active in Namibia, and are appointed by the Executive Director of the Namibian Uranium Institute in consultation with the Board of Trustees of the Namibian Uranium Association for a two-year period. These scientists guide the Namibian Uranium Institute on scientific and training matters, including, but not limited to, the fields of radiation protection, the environment and its sustainable management, occupational health and safety, and raising awareness on the afore-mentioned topics. They also provide a platform for discussion, planning and reflection on all matters of relevance to the Namibian Uranium Association and the Namibian Uranium Institute and its management; ensure the scientific integrity of the information and data used by the Namibian Uranium Institute; and enhance the Namibian Uranium Association’s and the Namibian Uranium Institute’s capacity for rational decision-making.

Members of the Scientific Committee

Dr Detlof von Oertzen, Chair (VO Consulting)
Dr Marius Mutorwa (NUST)
Dr Gabi Schneider (NUI)
Dr Herman Strauss (Medixx Namibia)
Dr Nortin Titus (Geological Survey of Namibia)
Prof Christophe von Garnier (Bern University, Namibian Lung Clinic)
Dr Theo Wassenaar (Gobabeb/NERMU)