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Corporate Social Responsibility – Making a Difference

The Namibian uranium industry accepts Corporate Social Responsibility as a core business interest. It is the NUA’s mission to support and expand the growing recognition that mining cannot move forward without embracing social and ecological best practices. Members of the NUA have therefore carried out corporate social responsibility projects for more than 4 decades, as they believe in making positive contributions to the society in which they operate. The contributions speak for themselves when it comes to the unwavering commitment of the industry to the upliftment and improved living standards for all Namibians, even in these economically still challenging times for the uranium industry. Member companies invest directly in education, training, youth support, and economic upliftment of disadvantaged Namibians in close cooperation with the Erongo Development Foundation (EDF).

The EDF promotes and facilitates programmes that foster equitable and sustainable development in the Erongo Region. The primary goal of the EDF is to advance funding to projects that have quantifiable social, cultural and economic benefits to residents and communities in the Erongo Region. The key characteristic of EDF is the nurturing of a caring society by facilitating investments in socio-economic projects with a focus on education, training and enterprise development. NUA has supported EDF for many years and continues to provide secretarial services to EDF, although the activities were severly hampered by the pandemic.

The Harambee Prosperity Plan is a targeted action plan of the Namibian Government that aims to accelerate development in clearly defined priority areas in order to eradicate poverty and social inequality. It complements the long-term goals of the National Development Plans and Vision 2030, incorporates new development opportunities, and aims to address challenges. The Harambee Prosperity Plan has five pillars, namely Effective Governance, Economic Advancement, Social Progression, Infrastructure Development, and International Relations and Cooperation. The Namibian Uranium Association and its members fully support the Harambee Prosperity Plan initiative, and work with Government in this important venture to eliminate the inequalities sadly still prevailing in Namibian society.

In support of the HPP pillars of Economic Advancement and Social Progression, NUA is fully recognising the importance of career guidance to effect economic transformation. The NUA therefore distributes the NUA career guidance booklet which informs about careers in the mining industry, and assists learners in making their choice for the most suitable career path. Getting learners interested in a mining career will supply the mining sector with specialised skills in the long term and contributes to the development of Namibia.