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Sustaining Global Best Practice in Uranium Exploration, Mining and Processing in Namibia and Promoting the Namibian Uranium Brand



Welcome to the website of the Namibian Uranium Association. Namibia has a well-established uranium exploration and mining sector, and proudly looks back onto 47 years of uranium mining. A number of known deposits are at an advanced exploration and early development stage, and it is expected that the current positive trends in the uranium market will allow them to become active contributors to the Namibian economy.

Members of the Namibian Uranium Association, which represents the uranium sector exclusively, accept product stewardship as a pillar that supports the overarching concept of Sustainable Development. In this way the Association makes a lasting contribution to the socio-economic development of Namibia while at the same time minimizing the environmental footprint of an industry that is operating in the sensitive arid environment of the central Namib Desert.


The Namibian Uranium Association


The Namibian Uranium Association (NUA) is the advocacy body that represents the uranium industry exclusively. The Association enables senior executives in the Namibian uranium sector to shape the context in which their industry operates. It supports policies that will let uranium compete on its merits as an energy source appropriate for our modern society and the need for a low carbon footprint through research, factual information and advocacy.


Members of NUA include all Namibian uranium mining operations, most of Namibia’s leading uranium exploration companies, and associated contractors.


NUA is the leading point of contact for government, media, stakeholders, the general public and anybody interested in the position and policies of the Namibian uranium industry. NUA promotes industry’s adherence to strong sustainable development performance, product stewardship and compliance with the Namibian legislative framework.


NUA members accept product stewardship as a pillar that supports the overarching concept of Sustainable Development. Product stewardship ensures that business management focusses simultaneously on economic development, environmental impact management and social responsibilities. NUA members see uranium stewardship not as a compliance issue, but as a means to shape their future operational processes, products, services and relationships. NUA members accept the responsibilities of uranium stewardship through building partnerships throughout the life cycle of the product to ensure that production, use and disposal are consistent with global sustainable development goals.


NUA seeks to balance environmental protection values with exploration for and mining of uranium. NUA also addresses the social and cultural needs of communities in the area, people employed by the uranium industry, as well as business and economic imperatives of relevant shareholders. NUA promotes the principle of zero harm and universal adherence to the World Nuclear Association’s policy document on uranium mining standards. It also ensures adherence to strong sustainable development performance through compliance and indeed active participation in the Strategic Environmental Management Plan implemented by the Namibian Ministry of Mines and Energy. NUA strongly supports a coordinated and joint strategic approach by industry and government to ensure sustainable economic development in the Erongo Region. As such, NUA is also guided by Namibia’s Vision 2030, the UN 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda and its 17 Global Sustainable Development Goals, the African Consolidated Position on the UN Agenda, and the African Union Agenda 2063.


The Namibian uranium industry accepts Corporate Social Responsibility as a core business interest. Member companies invest directly in education, training, youth support, and economic upliftment of disadvantaged Namibians in close cooperation with the Erongo Development Foundation and in full recognition of the aspirations of the Harambee Prosperity Plan.


As part of its stewardship mission, NUA has established the Namibian Uranium Institute (NUI). NUI is guided by respected independent scientists who serve on its Scientific Committee. The main purpose of the NUI is to act as a communication hub for the uranium industry in Namibia, and to promote knowledge and capacity building in specialised skills in the fields of environmental management, radiation safety and health. NUI therefore provides an opportunity for NUA members to work together to improve safety and health performance through the identification of world-class leading best practices and their implementation. As such, NUI is working closely with the Namibian government and state agencies, and also has close ties with the Namibian University of Science and Technology.