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27 May 2020

Radiation Safety for Sealed Radioactive Sources

This one day training course is tailor-made for persons working with sealed radioactive sources.

Course Presenter: Dr. Detlof von Oertzen, VO Consulting


29 May 2020

Introductory Radiation Safety Course for Persons Working with Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials (NORM)

This one day workshop provides attendees with an overview of the most important radiation safety provisions when working with NORM, which includes radioactive minerals, granite, dimension stone and others.

Course Presenter: Dr. Detlof von Oertzen, VO Consulting


1 – 6 June 2020

Radiation Safety Officer’s Course Part 1

This six day course is the first part of our Radiation safety Officer Training and equivalent to the Radiation Technician course (Assistant RSO).

The full course comprises of three parts and, upon completion, enables the partcipant to pursue a career in Radiation Safety.

Candidates need to have completed Grade 12 with the subjects, Mathematics and Physical Science.

Course Presenter: Dr. Detlof von Oertzen, VO Consulting


8 to 13 June 2020

         W503: Occupational Hygiene                          Noise – Measurement and it’s Effects

The 5-Day Training Course will cover the following:

1. Physics of Noise: Properties of Sound & Definitions and Measurement Units

2. Human Response to Noise: The Ear, Audiometry & Noise Exposure Limits

3. Machinery Noise

4. Assessment of Noise Risk: Sound Level Meters, Frequency Analysis, Dosimetry, Sound Power and Intensity Measurements and Assessments

5. Noise Control and Hearing Protection: Engineering, Administrative & Hearing Protection Control

6. Introduction to Environmental Noise

7. Noise Standards and Good Practice

Course Presenter: Mr. P. J. Jacobs (ROH), from Sedulitas