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Radiation Safety Officer’s Course Part I 18th – 23rd January 2021                            Presenter: Dr Detlof von Oertzen 

This 6-day course is the first part of our Radiation Safety Officer Training and equivalent to the Radiation Technician Course (Assistant RSO).




Spirometry Full Course                            10th – 12th March 2021                                         Presenter: Mignon van der Westhuizen

This comprehensive 3-day Spirometry course is designed for those health professionals who conduct spirometry tests in the occupational and medical setting.

Audiometrician Full Course                    15th – 17th March 2021                                         Presenter: Prof. René Hugo and Charné Bingham

This comprehensive 3-day Audiometrician certificate course seeks to address particular needs in the industry, related to hearing health, mainly focusing on occupational health care providers and flight medical testing.



W201: Basic Principles of Occupational Hygiene                                                          12th – 16th April 2021                                         Presenter: Mr. P. J. Jacobs (ROH)

All Occupational Hygiene personnel and all persons involved in the Health, Safety and/or Environmental Management of a company, as well as any interested parties are invited to attend.




W503: Occupational Hygiene – Noise, Measurements and it’s Effects                     7th – 12th June 2021                                         Presenter: Mr. P. J. Jacobs (ROH)

The W503 course is the first module offered in 2021 after having completed the Basic Principles course, and other Intermediate Level courses will follow.